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Responsibilities:Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission

Pursuant to sector 52 of Lagos Water sector Law, No. 14 of 2004 the main function of the Commission is to regulate the production, distribution, supply and use of water, quality of service and charges payable to ensure viability of the sector and regulate allowable returns. These and other functions of the Commission (interspersed throughout the Lagos water sector Law, 2004) and have been summarized as follows:


  • Water distribution (water quality, efficiency, sustainabity)
  • Water distribution (reduce wastage and non- revenue water due to theft and promote access)
  • Water supply (access to basic lifetime supplies regardless of location)
  • Water use (demand management for conservation and allocation for consumptive and non-consumptive uses)
  • Quality of service (reliability, water quality, pressure, response to consumer complaints, dispute resolution etc)
  • Tariff (address issues on affordability, cost recovery return on investment , sector financial stability subsidies, pro-poor, rural dwellers, other vulnerable consumers-aged, women, children)
  • Standards: value for money, consumer orientation, technical and environment standards, performance standards, service standards

The Commission is also to:

  • Investigate and/or issue ruling on submission on sector issues from stakeholders, and promote financial integrity of the sector through such ruling
  • Facilitate performance of PPP projects (including development of template contracts)
  • Protect consumer interest including non-discrimination, and lifetime access
  • Advise His Excellency on sector reform, economic regulation of the sector reliability issues, essential services, compliance, water and wastewater suppliers, and other matters referred to the Commission by the Governor
  • Conduct public education programs on sectors issues
  • License all sector operators public and private (HE may grant order of Exemption)
  • Develop standards and service conditions
  • Publish Market rules to govern market conduct including rules for all PPP and water supply and wastewater management model for Lagos state
  • Advise His Excellency on all aspects of sector economic regulation for the sector
  • Arbitrate disputes (between Service Providers and Consumers or between Service Providers subject to any existing contracts but in conformity and compliance with existing relevant regulations
  • Collect information on sewerage services and publish same once a year
  • Direct the LWC to, at least once a year, inform consumers of the standards of service approved by the commission and her level of performance with respect to those standards.
  • Enforce the duty of the LWC (or its delegated representative or PPP partner) to provide sewers and no-site sewage collection and disposal and to issue standards for the performance of that duty and the provision of sewerage services
  • Enforce the requirement for LWC to inform the public annually on the standards of performance of the corporation in accordance wither mandate.
  • License irrigation Projects
  • License and regulate wastewater management including conveyance and discharge into water bodies, pre-treatment of waste before discharge into the environment and prescribe penalty for failure to abide
  • Regulate construction of urban drainage to ensure that silt and oil does reach water bodies
  • Approve processes, materials and chemicals used in the production of water and

By regulation publication of the quality of water supplied by LWC and other Service provider in Sector.


  • Admin & HR
  • Consumer Relations
  • Accounts
  • Technical Services
  • Internal Audit


  • Public Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspectorate and Compliance
  • Legal, Licensing and Enforcement

Management Information System/ICT

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